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Version 5.0 by David R. Kendrick

HELLO to our friends at the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation! Please pass along any suggestions you might have for us to improve the site.


  • New: U.S. National Forest Route shields. 3/9/13
  • Click the "Generator Log" link to see a history of shields created. 10/8/12
  • Thailand national and Indian and Mexican state highway shields added. 10/3/12
  • New Version 5. Everything's new again. 10/2/12


  • Special thanks to Brett E. Fricke for testing and validating Shields Up! 5.0.
  • R.C. Moeur's Online MUTCD site for reference and information
  • James Lin's Guide to Highway Route Markers for source images and reference
  • Kurumi's SignMaker for the inspiration for Shields Up!
  • Bruce Cridlebaugh for the shareware font used in Throwback signs
  • Barry Camp for Michigan and Alaska graphics
  • Mark Roberts for the Missouri state primary shield graphics

Program, Code and Layout Copyright (C) 2012 David R. Kendrick. Please use the site Contact Page to send comments or suggestions.




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